Rural and regional Victoria has major advantages associated with strong communities, community connectedness, participation and engagement and high levels of social capital. However, at the same time, it faces a range of social, economic and environmental challenges, which impact on outcomes for children, young people and their families
The State of Victoria's Children report 2011
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Evidence-based planning.

The Board of the North Central LLEN is committed to sharing timely, accurate and geographically relevant data about our communities with all members and stakeholders.

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Deferring a University Offer in Regional Victoria - Final Report

The evidence is young people from non-metropolitan areas defer at twice the rate of their metropolitan counterparts.

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The North Central LLEN strives to work in partnership with a broad range of stakeholders to identify the challenges and support opportunities that will result in:
  • Improved participation, engagement, attainment and transitions outcomes for young people aged 10 to 19 years
  • Supporting young people who may be at risk of disengaging, or who have already disengaged from education, training and have no meaningful employment and
  • Seeking to broker sustainable partnerships that will support improved school completion, raise educational attainment and support young people to reach their full potential.